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General Insurance


Automobile insurance is mandatory in Ontario but is far from being a generic type of coverage. There are many factors that determine the premium for your auto insurance such as where you live, your driving record, commuting distance and your age to name a few. At ER Adams we take the time to review all the variables and research our markets to provide you with coverage that suits your needs at the best possible premium. It is important that you have a full understanding of your coverage and that you know your options, particularly in regards to accident benefits. We also provide coverage for rental cars and for employees or teachers who carry passengers. We all pay for auto insurance but we feel it is important to understand what you’re paying for, and ways you can save money. Contact us today with your questions.

Homeowners, tenants, condo, rented dwellings and hobby farms

Your home is often your largest tangible asset, and the possession you take the most pride in.
As insurance brokers, we know every home and property is unique and we try to make sure there is appropriate and adequate coverage for all assets in your home. By visiting your residence we can make recommendations to ensure you are properly covered. That is one thing that separates us from companies where you purchase insurance online or over the phone.

Whether you own or rent, having proper coverage for your assets is key and having liability coverage in case of a law suit is a must. Today’s weather patterns create serve and frequent storms and knowing you have the proper coverage and limits for wind, sewer back up and other weather related perils is critical. For a no-obligation quote to review your coverage with one of our brokers please contact one of our convenient locations.


Today’s farms and related equipment, implements and structures are more sophisticated and technically advanced than ever before, making an in-person visit by an insurance broker who can offer professional advice an absolute must. Whether you specialize in dairy, hog, poultry, beef, vegetation, tobacco or grain, we have the markets to insure your assets, provide liability and keep your operation running in the event of a claim. Many of us at ER Adams have a farming background which helps us understand you and your business. Call us today to learn more about the insurance solutions you’re your operation.

Marine/ Boat

Those who own boats want to spend their spare time enjoying it, not worrying about insurance. That’s where ER Adams can help. We personally inspect, photograph and review every boat with our policyholders to assure we are offering the best coverage specific to their type of watercraft and the liability coverage for the way they use it.

Trucking and commercial fleets

Today’s business markets are very competitive. Reaching their target customers is a priority for companies and logistics are key to their success. If your vehicle is used in relation to your business it must be insured as a commercial vehicle. Whether it’s farm, sales, industrial, cartage or delivery, we can help you and your employees get the coverage required to keep your business moving and thriving.

Recreational vehicles

You work hard and want to enjoy your precious spare time without worrying about insurance. As an all-in-one broker, ER Adams can help determine your insurance needs for all of your recreational vehicles including motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts or snowmobiles. Contact our office today and let us show you how easy it can be.

Classic/Antique Automobile or Boat

After years of saving and working hard, you finally have that classic/antique automobile or boat that you’ve always wanted. We have access to market partners that can provide easy solutions to get your asset insured to its agreed value. Come visit us today, tell us all about your antique and let us show you how ER Adams can help.

Motorhome and Trailers

No matter the size, type or length of your motorhome, tent trailer, truck camper or park model, we
have specialty markets that can insure them for you. Your RV or trailer can be your “home away from home” and that’s why our insurers will provide help anywhere in North America. We’ll even help you with your trip planning, health care assistance and provide you emergency roadside assistance. Whether you use your RV in a local park or to travel the country, we have the most comprehensive insurance plan designed especially for you. Contact us today for more information.

Commercial, business, manufacturers and construction

More and more of us are making the change from being an employee to an employer or entrepreneur.
Many of us know and understand the insurance policies that cover our personal assets but commercial insurance is very different and requires the help of a professional broker who will spend time with you to find out how your business operates, understand the perils and provide you with the the right policy. You run your business, and it’s our job to help you protect it.

Directors and Officers – profit and non-profit E & O and/or professional liability

What exactly is Directors and Officers insurance and why would I need it? Directors and Officers have a duty of care in overseeing the business, organization or charity they serve. They are required to act in the best interest and in good faith to the business, organization or charity and if it appears not to be the case, a claim can be reported against them/you. You may find yourself liable for financial losses, wrongful dismissal or employee discrimination, to name a few, and remember that resignation or ignorance is not a defense. Call one of our brokers today who can help you protect your business or organization.

Special events insurance – alcohol liability (stag & does, weddings, trade shows)

Many of life’s milestone moments are ones we want to cherish and share with our family and friends.
With large group gatherings, such as weddings and stag and does, you need to make sure there is sufficient liability coverage, particularly when there is alcohol involved. Even if you already have property and/or business insurance, if you are hosting any kind of large-scale event, be sure to contact ER Adams to ensure you’re protected.

Umbrella Liability

If you have an automobile, boat, business, recreational vehicle or home policy, it will provide you with some liability insurance. Many of our clients see the need for higher limits for their protection. A very economical way to increase your liability limit for all your assets is to buy a personal or commercial umbrella policy. This type of policy provides excess liability worldwide over and above the client’s primary liability policy at an affordable premium. It even provides coverage that is not usually covered by the primary policy such as slander, false arrest, libel and defamation of character. See ER Adams to learn more about how you can increase your liability policy limits to $2 million, $5 million or higher.

Travel Insurance

With the cost of out-of-province medical care, it is essential to protect yourself against financial ruin in the event that hospital care is needed. At ER Adams we thoroughly review your health and screen your eligibility. Whether you need emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation insurance, or are new immigrants or visitors to Canada and require coverage, we can help. Contact ER Adams today.

Life and DISABILITY Insurance

Life insurance can be a very difficult, emotional and complicated product to even contemplate. It requires you to think about what will happen when you die – not something anyone wants to address.

However, it’s important to understand the ramifications of not having life insurance and also understand that there may be a point in time when, due to health or illness, you will no longer be able to buy it.

Be a smart consumer and buy the coverage you need now. Remember: today is the definitely the youngest, and probably the healthiest, you will ever be.

You may have life insurance through your mortgage lender right now. However, you should know there are far better options available to you. Some important questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I get to choose my beneficiary?
2. Can I transfer my coverage if I change financial institutions?
3. Can I keep the coverage if I move?
4. Can I make changes to the policy?

In most cases, the answers to these questions are NO. There are many insurance companies that offer a number of solutions to meet your needs. Whether you’re seeking short-term, permanent or tax efficient strategies for key employees or business partners, we have the products and knowledge to suit your needs. Contact Mike Steyaert, CIP, CFP, for a no-obligation quote at

Disability and Income Replacement Products

One of the many assets we provide to our families over our lifetime is our income. But what if suddenly you were unable to work?

Some employers provide their employees short- and/or long-term disability coverage, but are there restrictions? What if you were injured while you aren’t at work? What is the definition of your disability policy? When does the coverage expire? Many lifestyles are drastically changed because individuals don’t know the answers to these questions until it’s too late. And if you’re self-employed, this coverage is a must. Knowing that 1 in 7 people will become disabled for an extended period of time during their employment years makes it even more important to protect your family in case of an illness or injury. Contact Mike Steyaert, CIP, CFP, at to set up an appointment to review your coverage needs.

Group and Family Benefits 

Today, more than ever, the employee/employer relationship is being redefined. Contract work agreements are becoming more and more common, in which case employers are not required to offer employee benefits. Many people don’t realize their options and how affordable family plans can be, and that the premiums are tax deductible. Even for those who are fortunate enough to have benefit plans through their employers, there are often exclusions, limits and coverage isn’t transferrable. To review your current plan or look at options for a plan of your own for your business or family, contact Mike Steyaert, CIP, CFP, at

Critical Illness Insurance

You’ve suffered a critical illness and will need months, if not years, of ongoing medical care. In addition to your loss of income, you require assistance in your day-to-day living. How will you afford it? Critical illness coverage provides a tax-free lump sum payment, usually within 30 days of your diagnosis.

Critical illness policies cover some or all of these conditions:

• Aortic Surgery
• Aplastic Anemia
• Bacterial Meningitis
• Benign Brain Tumour
• Blindness
• Cancer (Life Threatening)
• Coma
• Coronary Angioplasty
• Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
• Deafness
• Dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease
• Heart Attack
• Heart Valve Replacement or Repair
• Kidney Failure
• Loss of Independent Existence
• Loss of Limbs
• Loss of Speech
• Major Organ Failure on Waiting List
• Major Organ Transplant
• Motor Neuron Disease
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Occupational HIV Infection
• Paralysis
• Parkinson’s Disease and Specified Atypical Parkinsonian Disorders
• Severe Burns
• Stroke

If you don’t have a critical illness during the term of your policy, many plans will refund your premiums. To find out how this important coverage should be part of your family’s living benefits coverage, contact Mike Steyaert, CIP, CFP®, at


Segregated Funds

With all the investment products in the marketplace, it can be extremely difficult to choose which funds are for you. Being a Certified Financial Planner (hyperlink to, I will take the time to review your assets, objectives, risk tolerance, lifestyle, employment and tax situation and develop a custom plan to reach your goals. I will show you why market timing is not a long-term strategy, but staying invested is. How dollar cost averaging can work to your advantage and why diversification is key as different classes of investments will out-perform others in any given year. With a broad selection of investment companies who have world class portfolio managers, we can access conservative, moderate and aggressive segregated funds from capital markets all over the world. Contact Mike Steyaert, CIP, CFP, at to learn more.

Retirement Planning Strategies 

Up until 2009, most investors put their retirement dollars into an Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) plan. The introduction of the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) provides another option for your investments to grow tax-free. There are advantages and disadvantages to both RRSPs and TFSAs and they could be part of everyone’s investment strategy. Understanding your individual situation now and where you want to be in the future can help us determine the best solution for you.

Before you invest in either a TFSA or an RRSP you need to ask yourself these questions:

• Is there any annual contribution limit?
• Can I carry forward unused room?
• Do I have to pay tax when I withdraw money from the plan?
• When do I have to start making withdrawals?
• Will it affect my OAS or CPP benefits?
• Can I borrow to invest in the plan and when can I deduct the interest?
• Will my investments grow tax-free and for how long?

As a Certified Financial Planner (hyperlink to, we will not only answer these questions but help you explore how you can optimize their features to maximum your growth and minimize your tax liability. Contact Mike Steyaert, CIP, CFP, at to get started today.

Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)

Since Registered Educations Savings Plans (RESPs) were introduced there have been many changes regarding contribution and age limits, withdrawals and grants available. Most benefactors of an RESP are children attending a post-secondary institution, however RESPs can also be for adults. Getting comprehensive advice is critical in taking advantage of this investment vehicle, as well as understanding the key players such as the promoter, contributors, and beneficiaries and how the withdrawals are taxed. If you’re thinking about saving for post-secondary education, contact Mike Steyaert, CIP, CFP, with any questions about how to set up an individual or family RESP at

Guaranteed Investment Products

For many years, life insurance companies have been offering annuities and for some, this has been a part of their retirement plan. Due to the volatility of the markets in the last decade, many people approaching retirement want more stability of their investments and cash flow. A number of our investment and insurance partners provide excellent options to meet those needs. These vehicles allow for flexibility in investment options while giving you peace of mind that you’ll receive the cash flow for as long as you live. The comfort of knowing you won’t outlive your money is a quantifiable feature that many retirees want, but there are withdrawal thresholds and/or elections of income that may have a negative impact on future income payments. Understanding these types of products is crucial and can play an important role in your retirement income. Learn more by contacting Mike Steyaert, CIP, CFP, at